Mixbit: the founders of YouTube unveiled a new video application

Sharing media on Smartphone experiencing strong popularity. Following the success of Vine, offering to publish short video clips of a few seconds, Facebook has a similar feature embedded in the popular Instagram application. In December, Google published last month YouTube Capture, the French Dailymotion announcing the launch of Dailymotion Camera. Another alternative application has just made its appearance: Mixbit.

 Currently available on iOS, Mixbit proposes to record, edit and publish videos. If Vine and Instagram limit videos 6 and 15 seconds, those Mixbit may last only 1 second to 1 hour. In contrast, the final file will consist of several clips with a maximum duration of each is limited to 16 seconds. Video clips can be up to 256. 

Mixtbit youtube unveiled a new video application


The Return of the HTC Max One?

Taiwanese site ePrice released Sunday the first pictures of the HTC One Max, the large variation format HTC One.

The first photos of HTC One Max

After HTC One, out with the HTC Sense overlay, then with the Google Nexus and available in small format with One Mini HTC, the Taiwanese company could launch a new version of its Android smartphone aluminum: the HTC One Max.

A surfer has indeed published in the Taiwanese forum ePrice pictures of a HTC One large format would be named HTC One Max. It would be a device phablette type competitor Galaxy Mega, which would have a Full HD screen of 5.9 inches, the two speakers in front as the One and Mini One, of a thickness 9.4 mm and a quad-heart processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 at 2.3 GHz. The side of the battery, the HTC Max One is equipped with a capacity of 3300 mAh when his picture part is provided by the same sensor as the HTC UltraPixel One, coupled with a 2.1 megapixel front sensor.

According to information published on ePrice, HTC Max One could also be equipped with Android 5.0 at its output information to be taken lightly, Android 4.3 having just been announced, and a stylus. The phablette HTC could be presented at the IFA fair to be held in a month in Berlin.

Asus Tytan G70: a desktop transformers with watercooling

Asus recently announced the renewal of its high range desktop Republic of Gamers (ROG). He actually launched the Tytan G70, which incorporates the main features of its predecessor but has a datasheet upgrading.

The new Tytan has a case adapted at overclocking. When the processor is running at its native rate, two fans provide cooling of the cooling water (water cooling) and the casing, then illuminated in blue. But when the rate elevates, side and top walls retract automatically, eight additional fans into action and lighting turns red.

 Didn't snag one of the ROG TYTAN G30s ASUS announced in June? Don't sweat it because the Taiwanese manufacturer has already one-upped itself, combining the transforming case of last year's TYTAN CG8890 with the G30's major features -- water-cooled Core i7-4770K, one-touch overclocking, multi-monitor and surround sound support. Just for good measure, an available Nvidia GTX780 can replace the '30's GTX 680. Sure, the G70 is Haswell-equipped, but that's not nearly as impressive as activating "Turbo Gear" on it is: Push a button and the system overclocks, then its side and top panels extend outward automatically, exposing the rig's 10 fans. How cool is that? As frosty as this tower's innards we'd imagine. If that wasn't enough to push you over the edge, it'll wirelessly charge any Qi-compatible devices you might have as well. This beast of a rig should be available soon at retailers near you, but ASUS hasn't provided pricing. We're guessing it's probably expensive -- call it a hunch.

iOS 7: iPhone fingerprint reader and other revelations

The next iPhone will carry a fingerprint reader, if you believe the latest beta of iOS 7, which brings with it other revelations.

Apple yesterday released new betas of various representatives of its ecosystem. And as might be expected, iOS 7 beta 4, equivalent to Apple TV and iTunes 11.1 beta 1 contribute their share of revelations.

The Cupertino company does not document the contributions of new beta versions, but using them or exploring their files and folders resources, developers make their own discoveries.

iOS 7 iPhone fingerprint reader

A fingerprint reader for iPhone

The first developer to start a new discovered BiometricKitUI record and reference in letters a fingerprint reader (fingerprint) to a file containing the texts read by VoiceOver for visually impaired users.


And contrary to what one might think, this biometric reader will not be found on the back of the device, as the future LG Optimus G2, but will be integrated into the main button (commonly known as home button).

According to a source familiar with the new iPhone, this is the next iPhone that would welcome such a device, not a future successor. It would serve mainly to unlock the device, but not necessarily to secure payments.