Amazon would provide a 3D version of its Kindle Phone

Projects currently abound for Amazon and between the development of its range of tablets and its  TV box and its future supply of music on demand, we almost forget that the giant e-commerce working on its own smartphone.
Kindle Phone

One could even say its own smartphone because according to an article in the Wall Street Journal picked up by our confreres of, there are two models of "Kindle Phone" program, which has a 3D display. The technology used is similar to the Nintendo 3DS (not need glasses so) with floating images resembling holograms, visible from all angles. It would be accompanied by the ability to control certain actions by eye movements. The second smartphone, probably cheaper, would show less innovation.

For now, Amazon has not responded to this rumor. A few weeks ago, we learned that a delay in the development and production could force the brand will get his (or her) Kindle Phone that during the second half of 2013.

How to upgrad your portable hard drive to USB 3.0

USB 3.0 

Make your portable hard drive faster

upgrade your drive to USB 3.0

portable hard drive

The most common moveable hard drives have USB 2.0 connections, that are nice for compatibility, however terrible for performance. If you have got Associate in Nursing an USB 2.0 moveable drive, you'll increase its transfer rates by upgrading it to USB 3.0. For as very little as $15, you'll double your drive's real-world performance. Here's how:

Disclaimer: gap your moveable arduous drive's enclosure can seemingly void your warrant. it is also doable that you're going to injury the first enclosure and or the interior drive. we tend to advocate you keep a copy any knowledge which will get on the drive before continuing.
Remove the drive from the recent enclosure

The most tough a part of the upgrade is deciding a way to crack open your recent arduous drive's enclosure. seek for seams to relinquish you clues on however the enclosure is place along. If you cannot realize any obvious screws, they will be hidden. Check beneath rubber feet or different adhesive rubber covers.

There's additionally an opportunity that the enclosure uses tabs rather than screws. therein case, you'll got to use a spudger to separate the enclosure.

Once you have opened the recent enclosure, take away any mounting screws from the receptacle which will be set on the perimeters or very cheap.

When the drive is not any longer mounted on the receptacle by screws, fastidiously take away the drive from the SATA connecter of the enclosure.

Pick a replacement USB three.0 enclosure

There ar a handful of things to contemplate once selecting Associate in Nursing enclosure. we tend to went over a number of them during a previous post on building external exhausting drives. during this case, we tend to simply have to be compelled to ensure that our enclosure is USB three.0, then decide whether or not we wish a plastic or aluminium enclosure.

Aluminum is best at cooling and additional sturdy, however it is also dearer. Paying an excessive amount of for Associate in Nursing enclosure can defeat the aim of this exercise, since new USB three.0 exhausting drives are not that big-ticket lately. A plastic enclosure can work fine, as long as you do not will keep it running all day long. Newegg includes a good way to look enclosures supported options, therefore you may wish to start out there.

One very last thing to contemplate is that the physical height of the disk drive. Many 2.5-inch transportable exhausting drives ar nine.5mm tall, however some ar 7mm or twelve.5mm. Do an online search of the model variety of the disk drive you force to search out the peak, then try and match it with a compatible enclosure. If you are not certain a way to find the model variety, you'll be able to conjointly run CrystalDiskInfo for Windows to search out it.

run CrystalDiskInfo for Windows

Install your previous hard drive into the new USB 3.0 enclosure

Follow the directions from your new enclosure to put in your hard drive. Most enclosures can take but 5 minutes to put in. Once you have finished putt the drive along, plug it in to a USB three.0 port and revel in your a lot of quicker transportable hard drive. you must see a lucid increase in performance, just like the drive employed in this tutorial, that went from a read/write rate of 40MB/s on USB 2.0, to 80MB/s on USB 3.0.

Most enclosures will take less than five minutes to install.

Nokia finally unveil the Lumia 928 "video"

Nokia finally unveil Lumia 928
The official presentation of the Lumia 928 was only a matter of time. First plastered on a giant poster in New York before being advertised in a magazine, the latest smartphone high-range Nokia has just been unveiled on the official website of the manufacturer Finnish.

As was the case for the Lumia 920, Nokia communicates primarily on the quality of the camera included in the terminal (8.7 megapixels), which should allow its owners to "leave their cameras at home this summer" promising quality pictures never reached in low light and against the light. It is also mentioned in the statement of the presence of an optical stabilizer, the PureView technology and a Carl Zeiss lens.

The AMOLED screen of 4.5 inches, displays a definition of 1280 x 768 pixels. At the heart of the house a smartphone Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, a 2000 mAh battery as well as 32GB of internal storage. Regarding size, it shows a thickness of 10.2 mm to 133m in height and 68.9 mm wide. All at a weight of 162 grams.

The terminal, which is exclusively for the U.S. market, thus adopt characteristics substantially similar to those of the Lumia 920. Of course, loading contactless and NFC technology will be part of the same house Here Maps and Ovi services will be integrated natively. At the novelty, a speaker, coupled with three microphones, which would be able to record sound up to 140 dB before the replay without distortion, promises Nokia.

To date, the Lumia 928 is sold exclusively via the U.S. operator Verizon. It will be available in black and white as of May 16 overseas. It will then pay $ 99 with a two-year subscription, after reduction of $ 50 per post. For the sake of comparison, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 are in turn sold at $ 200 with a two-year subscription.

Learn how to setup Fitbit Flex

Whether you've got a compatible smartphone, or have to be compelled to use a pc, it solely takes some minutes to line up the Fitbit Flex.

setup fitbit flex
Learn how to setup Fitbit Flex

Fitbit recently launched the Flex, the company's initial wrist-worn activity monitor that syncs along with your smartphone. The Flex uses Bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize with compatible smartphones (more on this in an exceedingly minute), keeping your current activity stats updated.

When you 1st get the Flex, you will need to try and do some work to induce it set up, however don't be concerned -- it will not take you any more than it does to attend in line at Starbucks.

Upon gap the Flex, you will notice the particular tracker is inserted into the big wristband. take away the hunter and use the enclosed USB charger to begin charging it. Doing therefore currently can prevent some seconds down the road.

Try on the band and see if it fits well, if it does not, poke into the box that slides out of very cheap of the packaging and realize the tiny wristband. you will need to maneuver the metal insert between the 2 bands if the tiny could be a higher suitable you.
Using your smartphone

As of at once, the Flex solely syncs with some devices. They are:

    iPhone S4
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5s
    iPad three (Retina Display)
    iPad Mini
    iPod touch (fifth generation)
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Samsung Galaxy Note two

According to Fitbit, support for a lot of android devices is coming back shortly, however no word on that devices are another and once.

If you are victimization one in all the devices listed higher than, you'll be able to do the complete setup method victimization nothing however the Fitbit app. transfer the iOS version here and also the android version here. you will need to form a Fitbit account if you do not have already got one. If you are already victimization one in all Fitbit's different trackers, you must have already got the app installed; simply ensure you've got updated to the newest version.

Once you've got downloaded the app Associate in Nursingd have got wind of an account, you'll be able to connect the Flex to your account. By currently there ought to be a minimum of 3 lights lit au fait your Flex, indicating the battery is at sixty % or higher than, which suggests you'll be able to then insert it into the wristband and place it on.
how to setup fitbit flex in iphone, samsung galaxy and ipad
Learn how to setup Fitbit Flex
When a new a replacement account, you must be prompted to start the setup method for a tracker; if you are not prompted, tap on the "More" tab at very cheap of the screen then "Devices." From there, faucet on the "Set up a tracker" button and choose the Flex from the list. you will then lean a quick tutorial covering what the various components of the huntsman area unit and asked to confirm it's charged to a minimum of sixty %.

Fitbit flex ios
Learn how to setup Fitbit Flex

After confirming it's a charge, hunt for the lights on the huntsman to blink many times, and after they does one merely faucet on that doubly to substantiate that the app is adding the proper Flex to your account.

Using your laptop

Should you not have one amongst the compatible devices listed on top of you will still be able to use the Flex, however you'll solely be able to synchronise once you are close to a macintosh or Windows machine. within the box you will find atiny low USB electronic device. This little piece is your key to syncing your Flex with the Fitbit service. Plug it into any USB port on your laptop then visit to transfer the desired package.

Once put in, the package can walk you thru a similar method for fitting your Flex as we have a tendency to simply went through for smartphone users. Again, you'll have to sign on for AN account if you do not have one, or register to your existing account if you already do.

fitbit flex for mac, ios
Learn how to setup Fitbit Flex

Then choose the huntsman you are fitting -- during this case the Flex -- and bear the prompts. forward you scan through the guide on top of, you must have already got the huntsman charged to a minimum of sixty % and on your carpus. If that is the case, skip to the tip of the tutorial and stay up for your huntsman to blink, then faucet on that doubly.

Going forward, you'll have to own the Fitbit app running on your laptop and also the USB electronic device blocked in so as for your huntsman to synchronise. the nice news is that you're going to still be able to use either of the mobile apps to look at your progress.

Intel chip offers new hope for Windows eight tablets

Intel chip, windows eigt tablets

Analysts area unit upbeat regarding Intel's new mobile chip style due later this year. that would mean a much-needed boost for Windows eight tablets -- wherever several of these chips can land.

Imagine this: associate degree ultraslim, lightweight pill with roughly doubly the performance of any Atom-based Windows eight pill on the market currently. (And that is the full version of Windows, not Windows RT.)

That could happen within the last half of this year.

So think about Windows Blue (or Windows eight.1) product just like Samsung's zero.38-inch thick ATIV sensible computer 500T pill or Dell's zero.4-inch thick Latitude ten with new Intel quad-core "Bay Trail" processors supported the overhauled Atom micro-architecture.

And smaller tablets, like Acer's reported 8-inch pill, ought to ultimately profit too.

That can solely be seen nearly as good news for Windows eight tablets, that haven't specifically been taking the market by storm.

Here's a sampling of analysts' comments on the new Atom Silvermont micro-architecture -- proclaimed Mon -- that may power Bay path chips:

    Citi Research's valley Yeung: higher than ARM? "We suspect that Intel's Silvermont [micro-architecture] can give higher performance metrics than even ARM's vaunted Cortex A15...Expected to look in tablets in [the last half 2013] and smartphones in [the half 2014], Silvermont additionally has the excellence of being the primary mobile chips (from any vendor) to profit from tri-gate [3D] transistors...And like ARM's Cortex A15 core, Silvermont may be a totally out-of-order design, a feature thus far not gift in Atom solutions...We read Silvermont because the basic building block for Intel's future mobile architectures."

 RBC Capital Markets' Doug Freedman: a lot of balanced and responsive systems. "Intel has expressed improved performance per watt, with Silvermont operative at 3x peak performance or at same performance at 5x lower power vs. current Atom core...Intel highlighted a a lot of economical out-of-order execution pipeline that drives a a lot of balanced and responsive system...Intel's design permits for quick shift between high [performance] and low [performance] states...however, we tend to acknowledge that Intel is battling market skepticism in low-power vs. ARM."

    Anandtech's Anand Shimpi: 2x performance claims valid. "First of all, supported what I've seen and detected from third parties performing on Baytrail styles -- the performance claims of being 2x the speed of Clovertrail (current Atom) area unit valid. Compared to the 2 [ARM] Cortex A15 styles I've tested (Exynos 5250, dual-core A15 @ one.7GHz and Exynos 5410 quad-core A15 @ one.6GHz), quad-core Silvermont additionally comes out means ahead. Intel's claims of a sixty p.c performance advantage, at minimum, compared to the quad-core competition appears spot on supported the numbers I've seen. Power is that the solely space that i can not validate supported what I've seen already. (No one has given Pine Tree State a Baytrail pill to live power on.) Given what we all know regarding Silvermont's design and also the gains offered by Intel's 22nm method, I do expect this core to try and do higher on power than what we have seen so far from ARM's Cortex A15."

The next iPhone will be ralease in Sept by Morgan Stanley

iPhone 5s

In a analysis note on Wed titled, "Systems and pc Hardware Asia Trip Takeaways part I," Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley aforesaid new iPhones seem to air the method.

"Multiple new iPhone SKUs begin production in Jun/Jul, on track with the Sept launch we model,"  That's not specifically breaking news -- as speculation of latest iPhones has been rife -- however the very fact the Huberty is in Asia reprimand suppliers lends credence to the Sept launch of latest iPhones, like the reported iPhone 5S.

This follows a return of Japan on Tues spoken communication that Sharp can begin volume production in June of displays for the "next" iPhone model at its Kameyama plant in Mie prefecture.

The release of latest iPhone models is anticipated to coincide with the provision of iOS seven, successive software system for Apple's mobile devices. The reported iPhone 5S will probably have new viscera, probably as well as Associate in Nursing updated processor.

The thinnest watch in the world

This watch that the thickness does not exceed 0.8 mm is the result of a partnership between Central Stan-dart Timing and E Ink. Taking the form of a bracelet, thanks to the electronic ink technology watch that the CST-01 is also fine. Limits require physical strength to fix
displaying on a rigid support and force using a metal strip of 0.7 mm thick.

thinnest watch

The watch has few components and parts are easy to assemble. It will however
took several years of research to get there.

Thinner than a credit card, watch CST-01 can be charged on a base only 10 minutes, allowing operation for a month. Presented on Kickstarter Watch CST-01 is still under development, and could be sold before end of 2013.

Blackberry Q10 arrives on May 6

A few months after the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 platform, the first smartphone to feature the new OS, BlackBerry continues to expand its range. From May 6, Q10 marketing will begin. This phone is much closer to the appearance of previous BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Blackberry Q10,ios

The screen loses in length, with only 3.1 inches and a resolution of 720 x 720. The material remains in the same against the Z10, with a Snapdragon S4 dual encoder clocked at 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of memory processor. Performance should be of the same ilk.

Many online stores are starting to display the catalog, at a rate of approximately 650 euros, 100 euros more expensive than the Z10 to its output. However, BlackBerry intends to sell "tens of millions" of Q10. Hopes based on the fact that this smartphone could be the one to propose a solution with keyboard worthy of the name, an idea to be confirmed as soon as you have the phone in their hands.