iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 details emerge on-line

More proof that 2013 are marked by Apple’s initial phablet.

Rumours that Apple can debut a minimum of 2 new smartphones this year gathered pace nowadays, once a Chinese supply claimed to own seen the forthcoming devices.

iPhone s5, iPhone 6

Posting on small blogging service, Sina Tech, recent Yao claims his friend at one in every of Apple’s Chinese elements suppliers has arranged  eyes on the new version of the standard-sized iPhone, AKA the iPhone 5S, and also the phablet-sized iPhone six.

According to same corporate executive, the iPhone 5S isn’t too completely different from the current-gen model within the appearance stakes. That tallies with alternative recent reports suggesting that enhancements that the next-generation French telephone brings are mostly restricted to the phone’s internals.

The iPhone six, meanwhile, could be a completely different matter and is supposedly longer – Yao claims it packs a five-inch screen - and wider than the iPhone five, however is additionally dilutant.

Although that’s not a very concrete description, it’s certain to increase the clamour of school voices foretelling that Apple’s 2013 product portfolio can embrace a tablet-smartphone hybrid aimed toward seeing off the challenge from the Samsung’s Note vary.

Still, before you get too excited, it’s price basic cognitive process that we have a tendency to can’t set an excessive amount of store in recent Yao’s claims, only if it’s been arduous to verify what reasonably trade credentials he’s got. If indeed, he’s got any in any respect.

Either way, given the Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2’s vast sales, it looks possible that demand for Associate in Nursing Apple phablet would be vast. And with a supposed verbal description sheet that takes during a super HD camera, 128GB of storage and close to Field Communications, it’s not arduous to ascertain why.

BlackBerry updated Facebook, Twitter apps for BlackBerry 10

As elaborated in an exceedingly BlackBerry web log yesterday, Facebook 10.0.1 offers the subsequent features:

BlackBerry updated Facebook, Twitter apps for BlackBerry 10

Friends Nearby: you'll currently conclude if your Facebook friends square measure within the space by seeing if they've checked into a close-by location.

Photo Updates: you'll currently tag any pic that you've got uploaded into Facebook and save photos from Facebook onto your BlackBerry phone.

Events: you'll currently read and reply to events and invite your friends to those events. you'll additionally post directly on the event wall.

Sharing: BlackBerry's Facebook app currently helps you to share links from Facebook posts via BBM, e-mail, SMS, Twitter, and different services.

What\'s new in Twitter for BB10? Version ten.0.2 adds the subsequent features:

Your Connect Tab: you'll currently see all of your Twitter action in one place, as well as new followees, mentions, and favorites.

More Content: you'll read photos, article summaries, and different updates in your tweets.

Added Perspective: you'll currently see the amount of times that a tweet has been additional as a favourite.

Twitter is shown because the developer of the Twitter app for BB10, however BlackBerry is shown because the developer of the Facebook app.

The company erstwhile referred to as RIM is clearly hoping on BlackBerry 10 to come up with additional interest from developers similarly as customers. Existing BlackBerry users might gravitate toward the new OS. however analysts believe the corporate are going to be distressed to draw in new customers in an exceedingly market dominated by Apple and mechanical man.

All rumors about Facebook phone

All rumors about Facebook phone

Facebook executives like to do verbal faucet dances round the plan of a phone. it has been happening for years: reports, denials, reports, denials. And now, simply 2 months when a categorical denial from chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg himself, it looks that at its event next week, Facebook may possibly plow ahead and unleash what arguably amounts to a Facebook phone.

OK, it is not extremely a Facebook phone that Facebook watchers predict. however now, it's undeniably one thing phone connected. The social network on weekday sent out media invites to "Come See Our New Home on android." so the speculation has begun afresh.

So what is going to we tend to see? in all probability one thing way more sensible than associate degree actual Facebook phone, a minimum of thusrt} Zuckerberg has so usually denied. Facebook can probably announce the way for French telephone manufacturers, beginning with HTC, to tweak the android software system to form the social network a deeper a part of the expertise. suppose Facebook integration to the core, with the social network's assortment of apps -- Camera, Poke, messenger -- featured front and center. At the terribly least, we should always get iOS-like android integration options for work in once, syncing contacts, sharing seamlessly, and so on.

This device-to-be has been a protracted time returning, no matter it turns the way to be, and it's created for immeasurable juicy speculation. that is why we tend to place along this timeline of reports, rumors, and denials encompassing the legendary Facebook phone.

September 19, 2010: The Facebook Phone is born. Michael Arrington reports for TechCrunch that the social network is functioning on a high secret project to make package that powers a smartphone. a similar day, Facebook says: no approach, Jose (or Michael, rather). "Building phones is simply not what we tend to do."

November 3, 2010: Zuckerberg formally bursts the phone bubble -- however simply the hardware half. He leaves the door open for a package play. "First of all, we're not a hardware company," he says. "Second of all, our goal isn't to sell something physical; our goal is to form it in order that everything may be social."

January 26, 2011: A partner surfaces. Rumor has it that HTC is creating telephone set Facebook-branded smartphones.

February fifteen, 2011: HTC unveils the ChaCha and condiment, each have Facebook buttons for straightforward access to the social network. thus this can be the "Facebook phone"? What a disappointment. many months later, ChaCha rebrands because the HTC standing within the U.S. But where, oh where, is Update?

November 21, 2011: Forget that stupid Facebook button, a true phone, created by HTC, running a Facebook-modified version of mechanical man, is twelve to eighteen phones aloof from touching the market, AllThingsD's Liz Gannes and Ina deep-fried report. The project is code-named Buffy, when the horny lamia killer.

May 27, 2012: The big apple Times says Facebook is recruiting heavily from Apple and stocking abreast of hardware engineers to organize for the discharge of its own smartphone within the next year.

July 25, 2012: What does one know? HTC's name comes up once more, however now Facebook and therefore the telephone set manufacturer square measure aforementioned to be targeting a mid-2013 unleash for a phone.

July 26, 2012: Phone? What Phone? there isn't any phone, Zuckerberg insists, as a result of it would not build any sense.

September eleven, 2012: Zuckerberg sucks the life out of the phone rumors -- once more. This phone stuff is all a bunch of nonsense.

November 2, 2012: Not thus fast! a lot of HTC-Facebook-Android rumors surface. This time, though, Pocket-lint says the "official" device contains a code name of Opera UL.

January 12, 2013: MG Siegler is that the boy World Health Organization cried wolf. He reports that some form of Facebook Phone are on show at a Jan fifteen press event. Instead, Facebook announces Graph Search.

January 30, 2013: Zuckerberg is adamant: Facebook isn\'t building a phone.  i believe creating it so we are able to...go deeper and going to be a giant focus for North American nation.\" OK dude, i believe we tend to get wise currently. you are commencing to sound sort of a broken record.

March 8, 2013: Wait. Never mind. Meet the $64000 \"Facebook phone\": The HTC Myst, Unwired read tells North American nation, whereas conjointly leaky the device\'s specs. The Myst-erious smartphone is seemingly obtaining pre-installed Facebook apps. Sounds most cooler than a button. Or will it?

March 28 and 29, 2013: Facebook says, \"Come See Our New Home on android,\" and a spread of reports crop up. The big apple Times says the social network can sing their own praises associate HTC phone running a version of golem tweaked to form Facebook\'s camera and electronic messaging apps core to the expertise. The Wall Street Journal reports that the code in question will run on different handsets which Facebook is talking with different device manufacturers.

All rumors about Facebook phone

Xoopar IceBong a battery for smartphones and tablets

Xoopar IceBong presents a charger from 4000 mAh for smartphones and tablets in a power failure.

xoopar icebong
xoopar icebong battery for smartphone and tablets
xoopar icebong battery for smartphone and tablets
xoopar icebong battery for smartphone and tablets

Small but powerful is a term that was perfectly suited to the IceBong of Xoopar. Although modest in size (6 x 12 x 1.5 cm) this charger for smartphones and tablets embeds a Lithium-Polymer battery of high capacity (4000 mAh). Depending on the battery capacity of the mobile device to reinvigorate the IceBong would be capable of recharging from 1 to 3.

Skyhawk: a good PC for players sold 1000 euros

The Skyhawk is a good deal. This for PC player to components: AMD brand is sold 1000 euros. Despite a relatively high power consumption, the machine is well equipped, scalable and silent operation.

It's a desktop PC for the video game that has a certain look and performance. However, it is a little too greedy to take our taste.

The Skyhawk is a PC player who keeps his promises. This is a desktop computer that costs less than 1000 euros and allows you to run all the latest games of the moment without any slowdown, thanks to its powerful components. Connected to a high definition display (1920 by 1080 pixels), you Bioshock Infinite and Battlefield 3 (supplied with the machine at the time of writing this test) or StarCraft II! With the maximum level of detail (or almost for Crysis 3), we have not seen any slowdown. The PC is quiet, well assembled, scalable but, unfortunately, tend to consume a little more than necessary (360-443 watts high activity). However, for the price, it offers a sleek casing and a good level of performance. Arguments that will be hit with most of us players.

Printer HP Envy 120

With a case design, transparent scanner and many features: wireless printing, the printer HP Envy 120 is as beautiful and pleasant to use. But its performance is clearly not up to its price.

This is a multifunction printer that HP proposes with Envy 120, like all recent HP multifunction, the Envy 120 offers many services online, practical and well thought out. The most impressive thing to use is the ePrint system, that lets you print a text document or image, from any device communicating, even at the other end of the world: a computer, of course, but also a smartphone, a tablet ... Simply send the document to the printer via email, as an attachment to the address assigned by the web portal HP ePrint machine at its start. LAN, the Envy 120 communicates directly with the Apple tablet, thanks to the techno Airprint and Android smartphones with the application via HP ePrint, download Google Play.

The large touch screen of the HP can also print various documents from the online portal ePrint, regularly updated: the news, coloring pages for children, various schedules and forms.

Mozilla transforms your browser into a platform game with Unreal Engine 3

Mozilla and Epic Games have spent a partnership to enable the Unreal Engine run directly in a browser. Web browsers will be able to become platforms for games.

For some time now, as teams Chrome, Firefox at Mozilla those working to allow games to be held good run in a browser, without need to install any plugins heavy and cumbersome.

goodbye plugin

New stage in the transformation of the browser platform (real) game, a partnership with Epic Games, Unreal Engine which gives life to an incredible amount of blockbusters.
Epic's side is not his first attempt, the engine has already been ported to Flash, this time the difference is size, with this "portage", games can run without plug and offer performance "native comparable "to those of the original games, according to Mozilla.

Optimization and porting

To achieve this magic trick, developers use the latest improvements in Javascript and uses the WebGL Empscripten as well as a tool to compile programs coded in C + + Javascript. Does this mean we can play tomorrow to securities that have triumphed over console directly in our browser?

Constraints and projects

It seems to take a little time. If the engine is running and the port remains a technical challenge, there is another problem to be solved, the transfer of the whole game is talking about gigabytes of data, which will certainly take hours to spend in our server browser.
Anyway Mozilla announced that it is working to pave the way for mobile games on the Web "and the Foundation develops Firefox is" working with publishers of high quality titles like Disney, EA and ZeptoLab (to whom we owe, Cut the rope, Ed). "
Mozilla invites developers to submit their games now on Firefox Markertplace whose applications are accessed through Firefox and Android "later this year" via Firefox OS.

Facebook ad for April 4: an Android smartphone

Facebook has announced a new conference held on April 4: social network account to make an announcement about Android. The mystery remains today, although rumor centered around a smartphone platform has not been slow to return to gallop.

"Come see our new home on Android" announces a proposal ambiguous invitation ... more English than French, because you can imagine that the word "home" evokes a Facebook redesign of its Android application, with a journal homepage: possibility rather unlikely, since the social network has just completed the harmonization of its web version with different mobile versions. In addition, there are other perspectives formalization of a "Facebook OS" for the mobile terminal whose features are those of the social network. If the platform - including its founder Mark Zuckerberg - has repeatedly denied such perspectives, there is enough to revive speculation.

Still, some media, such 9to5Google evoke the establishment of a new partnership between HTC and Facebook on the mobile market, the two companies had worked together on Android smartphones with a Facebook button, namely Cha Cha and Salsa. But according to media sources, this new partnership go further, and the two companies would work for several weeks on an advertising campaign.

The smartphone in question, which would be called as HTC Myst Unwired View site could be equipped with a 4.3 inch screen and modest specifications, including a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 1 GB RAM , sensors 5 and 1.6 megapixel camera and 16 GB of storage without microSD card reader, all under Android 4.1.2. Characteristics which suggest that the focus would actually put on the social functions more than the power of the terminal.

Windows Phone sells better than the iPhone in 7 countries

According to IDC, Microsoft Windows Phone get better results than the Apple iPhone in seven countries. The American publisher rejoiced, without specifying which countries are involved.

Windows Phone still represents only a marginal share of smartphone shipments globally (2.6% in 2012 according to IDC), but Microsoft is hopeful to see her win mobile operating system market share. The publisher is indeed split earlier this week a blog shaped glowing report, in which he discusses some of his success in recent months.

In the lot, a statement has not failed to challenge the commentators. Frank X. Shaw, vice president in charge of corporate communications, wrote that "Windows Phone has reached 10% market share in a number of countries and according to the latest IDC report, it is more important than delivery Blackberry in 26 countries, and more important than the iPhone in 7 countries. "

If Apple seems to have made its position as the leading smartphone vendor in the world - in favor of Samsung, this claim immediately raises the question of which countries are concerned that Microsoft does not. Specialist Apple, John Gruber of Daring Fireball has not been slow to wince, which led one of the New York Times journalists to approach IDC to try to learn more.

iRadio: the launch of streaming of Apple this summer?

At Apple, we go from rumor to another. While the noise corridor wanting that Cupertino develops its own joypad was denied quickly, the sea serpent's music streaming service (called "iRadio" until something better) is still alive.


The Verge site, which has well-placed sources within the music industry, and Apple announces launch its service iRadio count this summer. Cupertino has made ​​progress "significant" to secure licenses for streaming from Universal and Warner, two of the most important industry majors.

Beginning of Marchwas revealed that the negotiations between Apple and record labels representatives wedged at the Apple wanted to pay them compensation: 6 cents per 100 sheets, while Pandora pays double. And the manufacturer's service Californian inspired precisely Pandora radio personalized and free advertising-funded. Visit this summer to learn more.

A Sony Xperia Cyber-Shot with a large sensor photo?

Like the Nokia 808 Preview and large 41 megapixel sensor, Sony plancherait on a 5-inch smartphone based on a large sensor and Cybershot branded ...
A Sony Xperia Cyber-Shot with a large sensor photo?

Sony has well achieve its ambitious mobile, confirm his 4th place on the Smartphone or reach the world podium.

After Xperia Z coherent and sold at the right time, hear, before the steamroller of Samsung, the Japanese manufacturer could distinguish offering a camera phone of superlatives.

A terminal that would take a big sensor close PureView 808 (a reminder 1/1.2 inch and 41 megapixels effective) supported by a Carl Zeiss optics.
According to a source relayed by the U.S. site, unlike PureView 808, the form-factor and size are not affected by the inclusion of such a senso.

New iPhone (iPhone 5S or iPhone 6): an ad for a June 20 launch in July?

The rumors about the next iPhone announcement start appearing on the Web: the Japanese site Macotakara reports that terminal, namely the alleged iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) could be presented on June 20.

According to the Japanese media, which also contains information broadcast by the magazine MacFan, iPhone 5S would be unveiled by Apple during a press conference scheduled for June 20 The Cupertino company would provide then start marketing your device in the month of July, a consistent timing for the company.

And also its new high-end terminal, Apple could also announce a low cost model for the Chinese market and India: it could be marketed in the country in August, a little later than I standard. Finally, it is also envisaged that the company announced a new version of iOS.

Note that the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple should meanwhile be held from June 10 to 14 next, according to initial speculation: it is possible that the potential iOS 7 is released before the end. Information which, like all rumors, take it with a grain of salt until sending official invitations.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini release date, specs, features, news, rumours, and price – Rumors said: Samsung Galaxy S4 mini follow a little the S4

On the occasion of a report produced by Bloomberg, Samsung have suggested that Galaxy S4 Mini was indeed planned, before retracting. If doubt is hardly possible for the arrival of such a device on the market, the media believes that its marketing begin shortly after that of S4.

Due on 26 April in the trade, Galaxy S4 should be quickly followed by a low cost version of smaller and less powerful: the Galaxy S4 mini. Recent rumors suggesting a release of this version in June just to see their credibility thicken after further indiscretions reported by Bloomberg, indicating that the terminal would happen shortly after the S4.

The media does not give more details, and the evocation of the S4 Galaxy Mini in its columns has also resulted in a denial of Samsung, with Engadget, said "I have not announced the product discussed in the article Bloomberg. "The site reports that the Galaxy S4 mini would have made a very brief appearance on the website of the company, which would quickly removed any reference to the terminal: the website does, however, no screenshot of this brief appearance, and does not give any indication of its possible features.

The latest specifications given for the Galaxy S4 mini speak a screen of 4.3 inches with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz, sensors 8 and 2 megapixel a plastic shell with 3 glass Gorilla Glass front, a removable battery and a microSD card slot up to 64 GB

iPhone 5s release date, specs, features, news, rumours, and price – Rumors said: iPhone 5S finally presented June 20?

The Japanese site MacFan reveals today that the next Apple phone will be presented June 20 and launched in July, which is not unlike the sixth anniversary last rumor date. But it falls in the window traditionally reserved for WWDC.

This new rumor is to be taken with a grain of salt even bigger than usual since our Japanese colleagues do not cite their sources. Described as credible by Electronista, she also mentions a low-cost iPhone launched in August this time.

These tidibits correspond quite well with the other hand several previous rumors. We include the analyst Ming-Chi Huo or that of Macotakara explaining that production of the next iPhone began.

iPhone 5s  release date, specs, features, news, rumours, and price – Rumors said: iPhone 5S finally presented June 20?

Dell Alienware M17x (Intel Core i7-3630QM)

This version of the Dell Alienware M17x features a powerful Intel processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M trendy, substantial amount of memory ... In short, the machine is cut to play. However, its price is very high (2500 euros) and chassis deserves to evolve to provide a little new to the form and not just on the bottom.

Dell Alienware M17x (Intel Core i7-3630QM)
Dell Alienware M17x (Intel Core i7-3630QM)

This large laptop Dell Alienware M17x is very effective but too expensive

Dell chose a cocktail of components to match the price of the machine. However, competitors like Asus or MSI offer substantially similar machines sold prices lower. In addition, we would appreciate that Dell do change the design of its laptops Alienware unchanged in recent years. Remember that it is possible to compose a custom configuration through the Dell website. The base price is 1500 euros and two finishes are available: black or burgundy with a soft peach skin. You even have the choice between Windows 7 and Windows 8 without additional cost.

Toshiba LX835-D3380, an all-in-one under Windows 8

Toshiba is known to PC users for its laptops, but the manufacturer also tries to desktops like this all-in-one (all-in-one) with touch screen.

This model comes to following the LX830 which proposed a design similar to some color adjustments and almost the same screen size of 23 inches. This new model is multitouch 10 points, which is particularly suited to the new Windows 8.

Toshiba LX835-D3380, an all-in-one

With a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, it shows quite responsive to the touch. We regret, however, that the screen does not tilt, which would have to adjust its position for use touch in all situations.

Toshiba LX835-D3380, an all-in-one

The advantages of this model are to be found within the PC in which Toshiba has placed powerful components such as a processor Intel Core i7 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM 1600MHz and NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M 2GB.

Benchmark performed as the one below show that takes advantage of some competitors Multimedia applications (the shorter bar indicates better performance).

Toshiba LX835-D3380, an all-in-one

Side storage, Toshiba did not skimp on the amount by providing 2 TB of disk space, very comfortable if you need to store many photos and video. No Blu-ray, however, but a dual layer burner drive.

At connection and communication, there are six USB ports, five USB 3.0, memory card reader, HDMI, WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and Gigabit Ethernet port.

Toshiba LX835-D3380, an all-in-one

In conclusion, we advise this PC to those who are interested in the functions of the touch screen and Windows 8. It has the capabilities needed to do video processing, photo and games, takes up less space than a PC with a CPU but costs too much. We do not know yet the variations in the range, prices and exact dates for France, Toshiba LX835-D3380 is currently displayed to 1399 dollars in United States.

Mercedes unveils the final version of its Class B electrical

Class B Electric Drive for Mercedes, with a 134 horsepower engine and a range of 200 km, will be marketed in the United States in 2014 and shortly after in Europe.

Mercedes Class B electrical

After unveiled as a concept car at the last Paris Motor Show, Mercedes benefits from the New York Auto Show 2013 to present the final version of its Class B electric motor, called Class B Electric Drive.

Conducted in collaboration with Tesla, it does not differ technically the concept. We thus find an electric motor of 100 kW (134 hp), showing also a couple of 309 Nm, located under the front cover. The lithium-ion batteries stored in a dedicated space between the trunk floor and the rear axle ensure their autonomy announced next 200 kilometers. The speed is itself limited electronically to 160 km / h and 0-100 km / h takes less than 10 seconds to be performed. For its part, the charging is done from a household mains 230 volts or 400 volts quick. A range of 100 km is found in 2 hours with the first type and one hour 30 with the second.

Mercedes has made the Class B Electric Drive a real car connected with access possible via an Internet connection (PC or smartphone) to the parameters of the car, before leaving to check the state of charge of the batteries and check example on a map if it helps to make the journey well planned. Where appropriate, charging points are available. Another possibility: the remote control of heating and cooling to temper the passenger to his liking before entering.

Safety equipment found on other models of the German mark have not been forgotten with the automatic braking system Collision Prevention Assist, parking, semi-automatic, lane departure warning and monitoring blind spots. If the original Becker GPS is connected in series, the functions connected Comand Online with Internet access will be available as an option.

The Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive will be sold in the course of the year 2014 in the United States (where it is the only Class B sold the brand) before arriving shortly after in Europe, a rate even our set.

PlayStation 4 (PS4) some more details about PS4

PlayStation 4 (PS4) release date
PlayStation 4 (PS4) some more details about PS4

GDC 2013 (Game Developpers Forum) held in San Francisco from March 25 to 29. This is an opportunity for Chris Norton, engineer in charge of Developer Relations at Sony to dwell on the new gaming console room of the Japanese manufacturer announced in February, the PlayStation 4.

It is returned to the particular choice of an architecture similar to that of a PC. The stated goal is to simplify the lives of developers, and thus induce them to work for the PS4. 8 GB DDR5 integrate within the console shall specifically mention the tedious management of memory on the PS3. We also learn that the development platform of the PS4 is a version of Windows 7 64 bit. Development, compilation and debugging pass similarly to what is done on a PC.

Sony PlayStation 4 will carry a Blu-ray player, this is not a revelation. But it will provide a speed three times faster than the model that the team PS3. Without being very specific, Chris Norton announces a dedicated hard drive for storing "large capacity" ... A 1TB drive (see) he will place in the heart of the console?

Lots of info on the DualShock 4
The head of Sony wants a little more talkative on the new DualShock controller 4. The touchpad which occupies the center will be clickable, just like the touchpads on laptops. Charging can occur even when the console is in standby mode.
A mini-jack is on the future DualShock 4. Chris Norton reveals that the basic package of the PS4 will include a headset.

PlayStation 4 (PS4)
PlayStation 4 (PS4) some more details about PS4

A technical demo of the Eye camera also featured in the program. On analysis and recognition of the physical positioning of the various players through the LED light bar located at the front of the controller.

Share function and its dedicated button was also entitled to his "fifteen minutes of fame." The menu will appear on the screen at the slightest touch of the button. A long press will trigger a screenshot without disturb the course of the game As for the video capture sequence game, a chip is dedicated to him not to come degrade performance console.

The PlayStation 4 is a showcase for the Cloud, including distribution through its subsidiary Gakai download. It will be possible to launch game downloads remotely connecting to their account via the web or application. Recall that Sony has announced the possibility of starting a game even if it is not completed downloading.

Sony PS4 is announced for the holiday season 2013 ...

6 million Minecraft sold on Xbox 360

4J Studios announced on Twitter have sold over 6 million copies of Minecraft Xbox 360 version.

After hitting the PC world, the sandbox Markus Persson thus continues its onslaught on Microsoft's console with 6 million copies sold to date, and less than a year after its release (Xbox 360) . Where will he? One wonders.


The President of Sony stated that Dualshock 3 can not be used with the Playstation 4

The President of Sony stated that Dualshock 3 can not be used with the Playstation 4.

After the non-backward PSN games announced yesterday, Shuhei Yoshida Assen another blow to his fans with a new ad, this time easily understandable: the PS3 controllers are not compatible with the Playstation 4.

The Chair noted however that the Playstation Move will meanwhile compatible, that will not really console players ... if the lack of compatibility of PSN games was understandable for reasons of architecture of the console, nothing justifies the abandonment of support for the DualShock 3 if not Sony will sell its new controller.

The President of Sony stated that Dualshock 3 can not be used with the Playstation 4

Galaxy S4 Mini release date, specs, features, news, rumours, and price – The Galaxy S4 Mini confirmed by Samsung

This is not a surprise, but Samsung has confirmed the existence of the S4 Mini. The Korean firm, satisfied by the sale of S3 Mini has decided to postpone the offering covered by just a light version of its flagship smartphone.

galaxy s4 mini

Few details on this announcement, except that the S4 Mini happen shortly after its big brother, so you can bet on June. Rather a logical strategy for Samsung, which focuses more on the Galaxy.

According to rumors, the S4 Mini have an AMOLED screen  4.3 inches, a quad core processor, an 8 megapixel camera and turn out to Android 4.2. Three versions are available: 8.16 and 32 GB

NVIDIA tech demo of destruction in real time

NVIDIA took the GDC tech demo to disseminate the technology of destruction in real time rather effective, based on a GeForce GTX 680 and running at 30 frames per second.

 The Game Developers Conference (GDC) provides an opportunity for publishers and developers to say about their future video games, but also for manufacturers to present their latest advances in technology. This is the case of NVIDIA solutions manufacturer specializing in graphics, display a new technique demo called Real-Time Dynamic Fracture.

 The latter displayed through a video below highlights a destruction technology in real time rather efficient. In the words of Matthias Müller-Fischer NVIDIA, this demo works with a GeForce GTX 680 and runs at 30 frames per second.

Managing the physical looks pretty good, with the exception of weight-bearing structures, which do not collapse as damage. NVIDIA has promised to make this fix in the future, with a view to provide more efficient technology. Anyway, rendering the state wants performance, showing also the effects of smoke quality.

A publicly available version will soon be proposed once it is approved for SIGGRAPH (major professional event in the graphics, special effects and interactive techniques).

Nokia Lumia 8: touchpad Core i7 under Windows 8 Pro

The Finnish manufacturer Nokia presents its touch pad Lumia 8 is powered by a Core i7 processor and runs under Windows 8 Pro.

 While it is still not launched into the adventure of the touch pad, the manufacturer Nokia unveils through a Facebook page, his concept Lumia 8.

Behind this name hides a touch pad with dimensions 25 x 17.5 x 0.8 inches which benefits from a unibody aluminum shell and turns quite logically - Lumia range - under Windows 8 Pro.

nokia lumia 8

Powered by a Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz generation Ivy Bridge and has a 4 GB RAM, it offers a 11-inch display with a resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, a keyboard and projected capture 8 Megapixels / Full HD module with Carl-Zeiss.

It also promises a design waterproof and dust infiltration, as well as reloading for wireless battery. In short, a top model.

Iron Man 3 will have his mobile game

Blockbuster oblige, Iron Man 3 will be available in game. This is a mobile version that is released today, version that will allow us to live the adventures of the Man of Steel on our smartphones.

Iron man 3

Developed by Gameloft, the game Iron Man 3 will be based on a simple gameplay of shooting rail. Nothing has been revealed about the game's storyline, but one can imagine that the film will resume in explosive sequences.

Iron Man 3 will be released on iOS and Android April 25, and will cost a little more than 6 euros. We remain cautious, however, since the use of a large license does not necessarily mean the arrival of a quality game.

Belkin launches a keyboard case for iPad

Belkin launches a keyboard case for iPad

Belkin launches a keyboard case for iPad
Belkin launches a keyboard case for iPad

Galaxy S4 succeeds its test of autonomy against the HTC One and Xperia Z

First entrance examination for the Galaxy S4. The duo Snapdragon 600 and 2600 mAh battery gives the flagship Samsung autonomy honorable, but more ...

samsung galaxy S4 against htc one and xperia z
GSM Arena got their hands on the Galaxy S4, an opportunity for the U.S. site to test the independence of the 4G version of the host 600 quad-core Snapdragon instead of "8-core" Exynos.

And the early returns are quite good with this configuration that drives particular Qualcomm signed HTC One. On a canvas to use "basic" Galaxy S4 take 63 hours away from a power outlet.

HTC One and Xperia Z

It is customary to use the Galaxy S4 unfolds and reveals the most autonomy in practice.
By isolating the data for comparison with those of its two competitors, the One and HTC Xperia Z, we see that the results are not always in favor of the flagship Samsung ...

5 inch TFT panel Full HD quad core S4 Pro 1.5 Ghz and 2330 mAh battery for Xperia Z 3 4.7 inch Super LCD Full HD, 600 in four heart Snapdragon 1.7 Ghz and 2300 mAh battery for One, Super AMOLED 4.99 inch Full HD and 600 in four heart Snapdragon 1.9 GHz and 2600 mAh battery for GS4, configurations are significantly different.

Sony at the time of speech

The speaking time screen off, the Xperia Z shows that the most enduring with 16.03 hours against 13.58 hours for S4 and 13.38 hours for HTC One who stand in a handkerchief.

samsung galaxy S4 against htc one and xperia z

HTC the first in web browsing

Technology with rich color reproduction in high-contrast and the AMOLED of its design is also sold as less energy than LCDs.

However, the HTC One with Super LCD 4.7 inches shows the most autonomous web browsing.
Requesting use the screen as the processor, we can consider that the 5-inch and higher frequency of Galaxy S4 does not benefit especially here.

GSM Arena noted 9.58 hours for the HTC web One or more an hour than the Galaxy S4 that points to 8.42 hours. The flagship Sony does not shine this year with only 6.37 hours ...

samsung galaxy S4 against htc one and xperia z

The steamroller Samsung takes the advantage that the video playback with 10.16 hours of viewing.
Held an advantage against the HTC One not very far with 10.02 hours. Dunce cap Xperia Z which as we mentioned in the test proves disappointing once Stamina mode disabled, 5.39 hours.

samsung galaxy S4 against htc one and xperia z

Plants Vs Zombie 2 will arrive this summer!

Plants Vs Zombie has a huge commercial success enough. The Pop Cap game will of course develop a suite and the studio just announced officially: Plants Vs Zombie 2 will arrive this summer!

Plants Vs Zombie 2

The game will land course on mobile platforms, where it had its first success. But developers also indicate that land on Mac and PC at the same time. But Pop Cap also announced that the first version of the game will soon land on Facebook. Adventures titled Plants Vs Zombies, this game is currently in beta testing for a few users and should arrive during spring.

Good news for those who spent their time defending against these louts garden zombies.

A security flaw on the Xperia Z

Bypass the lock screen smartphones via a bug, we know. Xperia Z also knows this little problem that allows anyone to bypass the basic protection of the smartphone.

A security flaw on the Xperia Z

This is Scott Reed who noticed this detail. In the video below, the guy explains how to unlock Xperia Z without realizing the unlock code. An annoying problem for Sony has already experienced the bug sudden death the same terminal bug has been corrected.

Hope that the Japanese do show the same response to this security problem.

Amazon smartphone specs, features, news, rumours, and price – Rumors said: Amazon smartphone would have a 4.7-inch screen

The site Digitimes reported a new rumor in connection with the Amazon smartphone: the terminal, which seems to have fallen behind in its production, would have a 4.7-inch screen. A statement which, if proved, would bring the current trend of large screens.

Amazon smartphone specs, features, news, rumours, and price – Rumors said: Amazon smartphone would have a 4.7-inch screen

Always based on industry sources, information Digitimes reports today that Amazon opted for a screen of 4.7 inches (11.9 cm) for its future smartphones: the company would have previously turned to a model 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) before changing his mind, "due to an increased demand for large screen sizes for consumers," says the site.

Rumors suggesting prototypes with screens between 4 and 5 inches have been circulating for quite a while, which suggests that Amazon has actually explored several tracks before settling on a higher screen size. The firm of Jeff Bezos would have opted for a screen size similar to that of Galaxy S III (4.8 inches), but this change still change plans to launch the device commercially.

Indeed, the evocation of a delay in conception in early March announced a delayed start early in the third quarter of the year and not in the second. Now, industry sources estimate that production could begin only towards the end of the second quarter, pushing a little more release date. Amazon is still optimistic however and could announce its terminal in the spring for release later in the year.

[Video] iOS 7 is a really stunning concept

While the next iPhone isthe iPhone 5S, and the iOS version 7 should be released before the summer, Australian designer, Jesse Head, imagined what could be the new version of multitasking on the management of the next version of the mobile operating system from Apple.

Program, an interface with more system design overview of applications running or can delete applications from a simple finger gesture in the way of Android, but also an optimization of space to access different shortcuts. Down thumbnails of each application, the user could access the audio player, shortcuts parameter Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the brightness of the screen. Finally, a search bar would search among different applications launched faster to access than desired.

The Chromebook pixels 4G arrives April 8 in the U.S.

The Google Chromebook pixels in its first 4G will be delivered to buyers on April 8. It is available for pre-order on Google Play for 1449 dollars, but only on the U.S. market.

Cromebook pixels 4G

The Chromebook pixels supports 4G LTE Google is already pre-Google Play controllable. The web giant believes that its Chrome OS laptops will be delivered on April 8 on the U.S. market.

During the presentation of pixels, the group announced that its Chromebook touch is available in Wi-Fi and 4G (not 3G compatible).

The pixels has only a small SSD for the system, but Google offers 1TB of storage on Google Drive and 100 MB of data transfer per month for two years with the purchase of the Chromebook. A system based on cloud storage where Google Chrome OS wagered.

Asus launches external DVD burner "the finest in the world"

Asus has recently launched what he presents as the external DVD burner the finest in the world, responding to the prosaic reference "SDRW-08U5S-U".

The manufacturer says to use a complex design to achieve a thickness of only 13 mm. Pioneer actually did better with a Blu-ray high-end 12 mm thick, but it is not yet available and will be sold a whopping 200 euros. Also note that Asus manages to incorporate into its product support to keep it upright, then it often takes a bulky independent support.

This new external DVD burner also has the advantage of having a metal shell inspired by that of Ultrabooks home, which should give a good resistance.

Asus however does not provide any real technical characteristic. Can only be inferred from the reference, compared to the previous external DVD burners, which operates a USB 2.0 connection, and that the most serious types of DVDs at 8x and CDs at 24x.

More technology in the BMW 6 Series

Major new version of the 2014 BMW 6 Series: integration in all models of the new iDrive system 4.2 with a 3D display and new features voice recognition.

It is under the sign of the technology that BMW has decided to put its Series 6 version 2014 since all models and all finishes are now standard on the new iDrive 4.2. The display has been enhanced with examples from 3D graphics to better track and analyze their consumption and new dynamic transitions between screens. More useful, we note the arrival of additional elements (traffic information, weather, etc..) Superimposed on the map and the GPS of a new menu offering actions (go to the point of interest, number Lookup of this store, etc..) according to the selected geographical area. Finally, the visual signals of guides are now clearer as displayed dynamically in perspective.

Voice recognition is also changing, the system can now read the SMS and e-mails and the driver can dictate its response before checking to screen what was understood to possibly make changes. It is also possible to record voice memos and send them by e-mail or save them on a USB stick. Of course, these voice commands can also be used to control the multimedia elements including navigation.

Moreover, it is now possible to connect two phones via Bluetooth. But the address book are combined in a single list within the iDrive system.