iOS 7 available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Update - As expected, Apple has posted iOS 7, which today can be downloaded and installed for the iPhone 4 and 5, iPod Touch and iPad. To install the update, you must go into the camera settings, "General" tab, and click the option to download the update. It can also be made ​​from the new iTunes 11.1.

About August 27, 2013 - Already available for developers, the new version of Apple's mobile operating system will soon be on the iPhone users. According to an email sent to a developer by uance, which provides the technology used by Apple Siri, the new iOS 7 interface completely redesigned graphically released on September 10. Unlike previous updates, it should be deployed initially on the iPhone (iPhone 4 and 5), before being extended to the iPad.

The date of September 10, 2013 had already been mentioned in the press for the upcoming announcement of the iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C (least cost model).

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