Amazon would provide a 3D version of its Kindle Phone

Projects currently abound for Amazon and between the development of its range of tablets and its  TV box and its future supply of music on demand, we almost forget that the giant e-commerce working on its own smartphone.
Kindle Phone

One could even say its own smartphone because according to an article in the Wall Street Journal picked up by our confreres of, there are two models of "Kindle Phone" program, which has a 3D display. The technology used is similar to the Nintendo 3DS (not need glasses so) with floating images resembling holograms, visible from all angles. It would be accompanied by the ability to control certain actions by eye movements. The second smartphone, probably cheaper, would show less innovation.

For now, Amazon has not responded to this rumor. A few weeks ago, we learned that a delay in the development and production could force the brand will get his (or her) Kindle Phone that during the second half of 2013.

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