Apple could introduce a less expensive iPad mini

According to Apple Insider, who had access to a note of the financial advisory KGI, one of its analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, thinks that the "iPad mini 2" does not enter into mass production phase before October. To support his point, he refers to production problems at the Retina display 7.9-inch format, it would be difficult to get enough pixel in the slab it deserves the name Retina.

less expenssive iPad mini

Meanwhile, to boost sales, Apple could offer a mini iPad at a more affordable price, which could range between 199 and 249 dollars. To get to lower its rates without too reduce its margin, Apple could, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, remove the camera back, reduce the storage capacity to 8GB, simplify the production of its metal housing or improve processes making the Apple A5 chip.

Ming-Chi Kuo was one of the first year that Apple would stop production of its 17-inch MacBook Pro and it would update the iPad in the fall when a new model was released in March .

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