A developer of Cydia Jailbreak Google Glass in just two hours

Not yet been released and already hacked. Jay Freeman aka "Saurik", announced on the weekend of April 27, 2013 have jailbroken Google Glass. "It took me two hours, while I was having dinner with friends," said the developer of the platform iOS applications Cydia Forbes magazine.

He only had to identify a known vulnerability of Android 4.0.4 to jailbreak glasses using this system. The developer says that "The fault is detected by B1nary intended for tablets and smartphones, but I found it worked also on Glass ... it has been quite simple."

For Jay Freeman, this operation could circumvent Google's servers, for example, disable the remote control of the Web giant. The firm currently reserves the right to prevent the owner of the Google Glass to use if it violates the law, including by selling or lending them. Jay Freeman, however, unclear whether it will use its "technical" on the glasses sold in the future.

A few hours after "Saurik" has announced the jailbreak of Google Glasses, the source code was made ??available by the Mountain View giant under the GNU GPL v2 download on a temporary site.

This code will soon be relocated to other sources alongside the Android kernel. 65.7 MB file has been downloaded from its online more than 5000 times. A dive into the source code confirms the possibility for the user to blink to take a photo or even perform a zoom with a simple movement of the fingers.
jailbroken Google Glass

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