Galaxy S4 comes with a controller for lovers of video games

Galaxy S4 embeds itself in a controller Bluetooth, the smartphone is transformed into handheld console.

Galaxy S4 controller  video games

Galaxy S4 binds to a Bluetooth controller. This is the moment a prototype unveiled by Samsung in conjunction with the presentation of its new Smartphone. The product has not been named yet, but the concept is pretty nice. As a reminder, the new Korean mobile home is efficient since a processor Exynos 4 +4. Video games should be accessible and images presented in the video presentation is interesting. Games on smartphones can be quite restrictive, because the terminal is a telephone. With this controller, the experience could be enriched. The design is still away from that proposed by the Galaxy S4, it looks more like a toy in the photo, but it is a prototype, the final version may be different.
A resemblance?

As the Classic Controller, you will find the famous Start and Select 4 colored buttons, two analog sticks, a directional pad. Several keys are also available as Back, Menu and Home. The lovers of video games and Xbox 360 may be able to detect some similarities, the arrangement of buttons and colors are similar to the handle of the Microsoft console.

Compatible with multiple devices

Galaxy S4 fits into the slot provided for this purpose, it is also held by a clamp system. Apparently, the controller is compatible with other devices branded Samsung Galaxy S3 namely, the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy Note. The position is adjusted to the size of the screen, because the clamps are retractable. The controller operates with two AAA batteries. Currently, there are no more details about this product. Samsung did not release the price or availability.

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